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File services

Managed Workstation Services provide several file service options.

Service options

All file service options have their own rate based on usage. Rates are available on the service catalog page.

Existing file service options include:

  • Managed Workstation home directory – user specific file share, typically referred to as the ‘H drive’
  • Managed Workstation Shared File Services – Shared file space, typically referred to as the ‘I drive’
  • Managed Workstation Windows File Services – Shared file space, hosted on a single Windows File server with richer ACLs and better support for concurrent edits

See the section entitled Other relevant documents. We recommend you consult the comparison of capabilities of UW file services which includes more details on the options above.

Two important things to note:

  • The Managed Workstation home directory and Managed Workstation Shared File Services are not appropriate for UW confidential data.
  • The Managed Workstation home directory and Managed Workstation Shared File Services are not appropriate for Microsoft Access databases.

Ordering File Services

Note: Discontinuing MWS services means customers who wish to retain content will have to migrate it. We can help with that at MWS Consulting rates.

Restoring a file

Information on how to recover a deleted file stored in the first two service options above can be found on our Recovering Files page.

How usage is determined

On a daily basis, a measurement on a directory basis is taken. This measurement is based on the underlying GPFS file system and is in 1K blocks. This means the file sizes you see in user interfaces are very unlikely to match 1:1 with the measurement that is reported.

At the end of the monthly billing period, Managed Workstation takes an average of the daily measurement. This average measurement for the directory is multiplied by the rate for that file service option, which corresponds to the billed amount.

Getting file usage data

Contacts for a Managed Workstation Service can visit the myIT portal to get the latest file space usage data associated with their department. The myIT File Services page is specifically of interest.

Other relevant documents