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What does the Managed Workstation rate include?

‘What does the Managed Workstation rate cover and what costs more via the consulting rate?’

This document explains what is included in the Managed Workstation rate, some background, and what is billable at an hourly consulting rate.

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Background: Design and a guideline

The Managed Workstation service is complex. The service goal is to provide a workstation in a known state with a number of mechanisms to keep it updated, functioning, and useful. But the service design allows the customer to change that state, possibly introducing things that lead to a workstation that is broken in some way. The customer can use the workstation with many other services, but the Managed Workstation service does not provide or support those other services.

The Managed Workstation service rate intentionally includes a very minimal amount of user support. User support is generally charged at our consulting rate. You only pay that consulting rate when you need user support.

Some user support is included in the Managed Workstation service rate, which we recognize may be confusing. There are a number of things which we can’t in good conscience charge you the consulting rate–so we provide those things as part of the rate.

One helpful guideline: if not every one of our customers need assistance with what you are requesting, then it is very likely billable. This is not always true, however, which is why it is only a guideline.

Consulting work is prioritized after work within the Managed Workstation service boundaries, i.e. we staff primarily for providing the services provided by the Managed Workstation rates. Managed Workstation only budgets staff resources for a modest amount of consulting work in line with the prior year’s demand. More significant requests or sharp increases in demand will experience delays. Most customers requesting consulting should not experience any delay, and we’ll let you know if we anticipate a delay due to getting additional staff to fulfill your request.


So with that introduction, let’s move to more specific information. We have tried to enumerate what is included, but we can’t exhaustively list what is billable because we are open to helping with any IT problem. We won’t necessarily help with any IT problem, but we are open to considering anything IT related–do note that our expertise is focused on workstation management.

What is included in the Managed Workstation rate:

  • Up to 1 hour per customer account per fiscal year in business needs IT consulting. We listen to your business goals, provide suggestions about existing service offerings, and partner with you to find solutions.
  • Up to 1 hour per customer account per fiscal year providing computer hardware recommendation consulting. You get specific recommendations that meet your computer hardware needs.
  • User support that consists of directing a customer to UW-IT documentation
  • User support that consists of directing a customer to another UW-IT service
  • User support for a Managed Workstation capability that has no self-service mechanism, i.e. situations where you can’t fulfill your own request. Examples include:
    • Assistance analyzing MWS file service security, e.g. ‘We have files many layers deep under i:\groups. Can “joe” see file X? How do we change the permissions so “joe” can’t see file X?’
    • Setting permissions on MWS file services (i:\groups)
    • Transitioning a MWS group to your Groups Service namespace (i.e. moving u_nebula_<yourGroup> to u_<yourStem>_<yourGroup>)
    • Setting a VPN eligibility group, file service eligibility group, or home directory eligibility group for your department that is different than your general eligibility group
  • When a Managed Workstation service capability is broken or not working as designed, user support related to getting a workaround so you can continue to use that capability is included in the Managed Workstation rate. Examples of Managed Workstation capabilities:
    • Managed Workstation VPN
    • Managed Workstation file services (H:\ drive, i:\groups, or Windows file service)
    • Antivirus client definition updates
    • OS vendor updates
    • Managed Workstation group policy updates, including Windows firewall configuration and some other Windows settings
    • Standard Managed Workstation OS image
    • OS image deployment server (Lite Touch)
    • Software Delivery as provided by the Software Center mechanism on your Managed Workstation
  • Asking about budget charges or refund fulfillment
  • Software package creation at no additional cost for any software that can be released to anyone at the UW
  • Rebuilding a Managed Workstation that has been compromised. Note: We will re-image an existing MWS computer with the current standard MWS image. If data transfer, additional application installation, special configuration, or travel to your site is required, that is billable.
  • Request fulfillment for “claiming” your computer. This associates it with your department, budget and activates a variety of settings and configuration we provide.

What is billable:

Note: this list is not exhaustive

  • Any onsite visit
  • Any remote desktop support session.
  • Having us image your Managed Workstation, i.e. full service Managed Workstation setup
  • Software package creation beyond 1 hour for any software that can not be released to everyone at the UW, i.e. if the software is not appropriate for everyone, we provide 1 hour with the MWS rate and any additional time is charged at consulting rates
  • Assistance adding third party software by installing the software manually
  • Assistance with ordering computers, and tracking status on orders you placed
  • Analysis of your IT problem. Common examples include:
    • ‘My software doesn’t work right. Why is it not working?’
    • ‘I can’t get access to X (where X is not a Managed Workstation capability). Please help us fix it.’
    • ‘Which group memberships does Sally have? I’m asking because I think Joe should have a similar set of groups.’ Note: we will not make the membership changes, but we can do the analysis for you.
  • Help with Exchange. Please reference our Exchange support document.
  • Handling interactions with another UW-IT service on your behalf. Note: we have a limitation here, in that we can’t request changes which only you are authorized to make.
  • Asking us to move file content from Managed Workstation file services to a non-Managed Workstation file service location
  • Warranty extension, if your computer qualifies we can help you extend your warranty
  • Full service repairs for computers under warranty; we handle all the interactions with the vendor for you.
  • Troubleshooting or fixing computers which are not a managed workstation. There are some special details:
    • We are only able to provide assistance on OSes listed as in emerging, baseline, or containment on our OS lifecycle and support page.
    • There is a minimum 30 minute charge to cover getting up to speed on a computer we do not manage.
    • We strongly recommend that customers enable these computers for ongoing Managed Workstation services.
    • Computers running MacOS are covered elsewhere.

Support Managed Workstation will not provide

The following list is not exhaustive and was generated based on past requests we’ve considered together with capabilities for which we are not the most effective choice.

  • Computers not owned by the UW: UW rules and state law prohibit state employees from working on computers that are not owned by the UW, unless the computer is owned by a entity that has a grant or contract with the UW and the computer is owned by that entity but used by UW faculty, staff, or students for that grant or contract.
  • Group Management. Customers should work with the team supporting the Groups Service. All legacy MWS groups should be transitioned to customer owned and managed, and we will assist in that transition at no additional cost.
  • Printer hardware setup or repair. Customers should work with UW Print Service for this service.
  • Computer hardware repair. Customers should work with their hardware vendor for repair service. Note: we are happy to handle warranty interactions with your vendor at consulting rates.
  • Any request for IT assistance that requires that Managed Workstation be responsible for the design and maintenance of IT capabilities outside the Managed Workstation service. Note: this need may be met by other UW-IT consulting services. Examples include:
    • Can you manage the email services provided by a 3rd party provider?