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Software Updates

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Operating Systems and Microsoft applications

For operating system versions supported by the Managed Workstations Service, security and other Microsoft software updates are installed automatically.  As Microsoft releases updates to Windows, which can happen at just about any time, we review and approve them for installation.  All managed workstations check-in with our update server roughly three times a day to identify missing updates that need to be installed.  Updates that don’t require a restart will install immediately after a workstation has checked in.  Updates that do require a restart will be scheduled for install on Friday at 11pm, which is the reserved maintenance window for all managed workstations, and the workstation will reboot automatically after the install completes.

NOTE: Getting software updates requires the managed workstation to be connected to the UW network. Because of Microsoft policy, the server that provides updates can not be on the internet. If you have a managed workstation which is regularly not physically on the UW network, we recommend you leverage the Nebula VPN.

Other applications

Applications from other vendors, such as Google, may have a built-in updating mechanism that ensures the application stays current with security and other updates.  Where no such updating mechanism exists, keeping the application up-to-date is generally the responsibility of the user.  If the application was provided through the Software Center, the Managed Workstation Service will publish a new version as necessary.