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Service Design

This page is a starting place for understanding what is included in the Managed Workstation service. You will also find information about our thoughts about future capabilities.

The Managed Workstation service is complex. The service design provides a workstation in a known state with a number of mechanisms to keep it updated, functioning, and useful. But the design also allows the customer to change that state, possibly introducing things that lead to a workstation that is broken in some way. The customer can use the workstation with many other services, but the Managed Workstation service does not provide or support those other services.

You’ll find documents here which help inform your understanding of the Managed Workstation service.

The Capability Map includes future initiatives, including changes and additions to capabilities we provide.

The Operating System Lifecycle and Support details the support capabilities we provide for specific OS and browsers.

The What is Included document details of the boundary of the Managed Workstation rate. Things outside the boundary are billable at our consulting rate.