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UW-IT MWS Customer Account Practices

This page captures important details about UW-IT’s MWS customer accounts. Other customers with a large base of users may find this information useful.

  • Each division/unit/group/team which has use of Managed Workstation services has received its own customer account
  • These customer accounts have only members of UW-IT, in the appropriate division/unit/group/team as eligible users.
  • If someone in UW-IT needs to permit eligibility for other accounts, a separate customer account is needed, with appropriate life-cycle reviews. Please contact
  • UW-IT customer accounts are named using the following algorithm: uwit<taskcode>, e.g. the UW-IT Database Systems team has a customer account of uwitdba
  • The billing contact for all UW-IT customer accounts is an employee designated by Business and Finance
  • The technical contact for all UW-IT customer accounts is the MWS service owner
  • The initial owner contact (i.e. the supervisor of the division/unit/group/team) may delegate their owner role to someone better suited. To do so, just send email to
  • The owner contact may designate an alternate technical contact. This individual will get notices we send about changes that impact your part of UW-IT’s use of MWS, and will be able to review info about your use of MWS services
  • UW-IT contacts may, in consultation with Business and Finance, change the budget information for any billable MWS service or the default budget numbers for your customer account. This can be done via the MyIT portal
  • UW-IT contacts are expected to adjust the eligibility group(s) associated with your customer account. The eligibility group tells us which users should be considered part of your customer account and eligible for services. If you do not remove or add users, there are likely to be problems.
    • An eligibility group has been created specific to your part of UW-IT based on our analysis of all UW-IT use of MWS. You are designated as a member manager of that group.
    • You can identify the group id of your eligibility group via MyIT. Go to, then click on your customer account. You’ll find your eligibility group listed under “Eligibility Info”
    • We have initially setup uw_it_all as a dependency group for all of these eligibility groups, to ensure that as users leave UW-IT they are automatically removed. You should make adjustments to account for re-assignment within UW-IT
  • When UW-IT has its next re-organization, Managed Workstation will assist in re-aligning UW-IT customer accounts and eligibility groups
Last reviewed October 29, 2018