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Managed workstation departments

Managed workstation departments are a customer account that provides a way to organize, manage, and track your organization’s use of our services.

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MWS department basics

MWS departments have the following properties:

  • Descriptive name
  • Short name
  • Eligibility group(s) for MWS services which reference the users your organization is authorizing
  • Two default budgets, one for user-related charges and another for computer-related charges
  • Key contact information for four defined roles:
    • Owner contact
    • Billing contact
    • Technical contact
    • Alternate technical contact
  • Relationship to all resources that Managed Workstation provides. These include:
    • all managed workstations for your organization
    • all Shared File Service directory paths (the “I drive”)
    • all home directories for your organization (the “H drive”)
    • all users enabled for MWS capabilities as denoted by eligibility group(s)
      • VPN access
      • home directory access
      • Shared File Service access
      • managed workstation access

Multiple MWS departments

Your organization may want to have more than one MWS departments in order to effectively organize/manage/track your use of MWS resources.

It is up to you how many MWS departments you have. However, the following things should only be in one MWS department:

  • Users and corresponding user-only resources like home directory
  • Managed workstations
  • Shared File Service directory paths

Eligibility groups

Managed Workstation provides 4 general capabilities to users:

  • Managed Workstation access
  • Managed Workstation Home directory (H:\)
  • Managed Workstation VPN access
  • Managed Workstation File Service access (I:\groups)

Each Managed Workstation department is asked to provide at least one eligibility group to enable this set of user access. An eligibility group is a UW Groups Service group which you’ve told us should be used for the purpose of managing who has access to Managed Workstation services. This eligibility group is an authoritative list of which users you would like to have access to our services. Most departments want all of their users to get all 4 of these capabilities, so only a single eligibility group is all that is needed. If this is the case for your department, you can follow the simple instructions to change your eligibility group.

NOTE: This means that when someone new joins or leaves your department you should add or remove them to your eligibility group via the Groups Service. This will result in the desired Managed Workstation access change.

However, some departments would like to differentiate which users get which capability. If that’s the case for your department, we’ll need as many eligibility groups as you need to differentiate.  And to keep things simple for the majority of customers, we’ve limited your ability to set all of these eligibility groups yourself. So if you need to differentiate who gets a home directory or who can get access to your files in the Managed Workstation file services or who gets VPN access, you’ll need two or more eligibility groups. Email us for help in setting up multiple eligibility groups to differentiate which users get access to which capability.

Default budgets

Each MWS department has two default budgets, one for user-related charges and another for computer-related charges. These budgets are only used when the MWS department does not provide an explicit budget for the relevant resource when we need to bill for resource use.

For example, on a per-user basis, we bill for the Managed Workstation home directory. Department contacts can explicitly assign a budget to a given home directory via MyIT. If no budget is explicitly provided, we assign the default user budget for your department to your new home directories.

Put another way, if after you add a new user to your eligibility group you do nothing further, then the default user budget will be used for that new user’s Managed Workstation home directory. If that isn’t the desired outcome, you can use MyIT to explicitly assign a different budget.

Department contacts

Each MWS department must have at least one contact in up to four defined roles:

  • Owner contact – this person is considered authoritative for all aspects of your customer account
  • Billing contact – this person has some budget responsibility within your organization and is authorized to view and request changes to billing information
  • Technical contact – this person has technical responsibility within your organization
  • Alternate technical contact – this person also has some technical responsibility within your organization

The Managed Workstation service has expectations of people assigned these roles. Collectively, the people filling these roles must:

  • Ensure that eligibility groups are updated to reflect the coming and goings of people within your organization
  • Budgets used for billable MWS services are correct
  • Contacts are up-to-date
  • Ensure notifications from the MWS service are communicated to your organization, when appropriate. NOTE: we recommend all contacts are on the nebula-announce mailing list.
  • Represent your organization’s needs from the Managed Workstation service
  • Ensure that appropriate resolutions are taken when the Managed Workstation identifies problems specific to your department’s use of Managed Workstation
  • Advise your organization about Managed Workstation capabilities available to them

Managed Workstation provides a variety of resources for MWS department contacts: Tools for contacts.

Requesting a MWS department

To set up new Managed Workstation department(s), you will need an eligibility group so please review the sections on Setting up an Eligibility Group.

You will also establish two default budgets per dept:

  • Workstations
  • Users (consulting; H: and I: drive storage)
NOTE: Using myIT, you can change the budget for any workstation or file directory, but we need default budgets on file.
  1. Send us the department information:
    1. Nebula short name (short set of letters, up to 8, used as an identifier)
    2. Nebula long name (longer description)
    3. UW Home Group eligibility group (the list of your users)
    4. List of your desktops
  2. Send us one UW NetID for each of these roles:
    1. Department Owner
    2. Billing Contact
    3. Technical Contact
    4. Backup Technical Contact (optional)
  3. Also include:
    1. Default workstation budget
    2. Default user budget
    3. Your I:\groups folder path(s)