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Adding users

On a user basis, the Managed Workstation service provides:

  • Managed Workstation access
  • Managed Workstation Home directory (H:\)
  • Managed Workstation VPN access
  • Managed Workstation File Service access (I:\groups)

For all of these per-user capabilities, the NetID user account is used which is automatically provisioned with a UW NetID. You do not need to request a user account other than the UW NetID; when a user has a UW NetID they have a user account that can be enabled for use with Managed Workstation services.

Access via eligibility groups

Users get enabled for Managed Workstation services via their department. To use the Managed Workstation service you must first have a department recognized by Managed Workstation. Once you have a department, then users must be added to that department’s eligibility group(s).

Note: if after you add a new user to your eligibility group you do nothing further, then the default user budget will be used for that new user’s Managed Workstation home directory. If that isn’t the desired outcome, you can use MyIT to explicitly assign a different budget.

How do I find or change the eligibility group for my department?

How do I view or make changes to my group?

Access to folders in the Managed Workstation file service (i:\groups)

In addition to needing be eligible to access the Managed Workstation File Services, any given user must be granted access to the specific folder they need access to. Changes at the folder level are also managed via the UW Groups Service. However, it may not be clear which group controls access to a given folder. We can help with that–email us for assistance. You can also ask us to change which group controls access to a given folder.

Exchange mailboxes and support

Exchange Online, Microsoft’s cloud-based email and calendar service, is now available to all current UW students, faculty and staff. More information and instructions are available at  Mail sent to new staff will be delivered to their deskmail folder until they change their forwarding.

Managed Workstation does not provide any Exchange support services under the monthly Managed Workstation rate, but on a consulting cost-recovery basis we can assist Managed workstation customers with some Exchange capabilities.

Adding Administrators to a Managed Workstation

We recommend limiting local administrator privileges.  Limiting this type of access prevents a large variety of security risks. But there are cases where these privileges are necessary. You can request that administrative access on a specific computer be added for a user by sending a request via

When the e-mail is submitted, it will create a support request and send you an email confirmation. Please refer to the request number in the subject line of the e-mail for any future correspondence.

Please allow one to two days to process your request. If you have questions, you can respond to your confirmation email or call (206) 221-5000.

Common Questions about Workstation Administrators

"I would like to add users to the local administrators group."

We strongly encourage that users not modify the local administrators group, for multiple reasons. In the event that a netid is compromised, there is currently no way to remove it in bulk from local administrator groups on managed workstations. There is also currently no easy way to determine which computers a user has local administrator access on.

It is also worthwhile to note that in the near future the way that the managed workstation service handles local administrators will be changing. This change in policy will be communicated to users and will better reflect the policies we intend to enforce with regards to local administrator of managed workstations.  This change will include removing the ability for users to modify the local administrator group on managed workstations. Additionally, at that time we will remove any users that have been added to the local administrator group on all managed workstations. For that reason, we encourage you to submit your requests for administrative access as detailed above.

"I would like to add a netid as an administrator to every computer in my department."

We don’t permit automatically including an account or user group as an administrator on all computers in a single department. As a practice we encourage our users to avoid adding a single account or user group as an admin to every machine. Adding a single account or user group as an administrator on a large breadth of machines is inherently insecure and creates unnecessary risks.

We evaluate requests to add a single netid onto multiple computers on a case-by-case basis. In the event that we approve the request, we will require that the netid to be added is a non-group, wadm account.

To create a wadm account, visit the “Admin UW IDs” section of:

Exceptions require explicit approval from the owner contact. 

Last reviewed June 4, 2019