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System Center and the NETID Domain

This document includes common questions about Microsoft’s System Center products within the NETID domain.


Can I install System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) in NETID?

No.  Functionally, only a single instance of SCCM can exist in a given domain due to its tight integration with Active Directory and several design choices made by Microsoft.  Instead, we are looking at how we can offer SCCM as a central service, and how much it might cost.

Is or will SCCM be available in NETID?

UW-IT’s Managed Workstation service is currently migrating its services into the NETID domain, and is deploying SCCM in NETID as a result, which will provide the base required to provide SCCM as a service.  We are looking at what we can offer as a central service, and how much it might cost.

Will I be able to get delegated permissions in SCCM over my computers?

We’ve looked at several models for delegation with SCCM, and all of them require a fairly significant amount of effort to maintain, which would make a model with delegation rather expensive.  We have not ruled it out and are continuing to discuss this with Microsoft.  But delegation is not likely to be something we will support initially.

Doesn’t <insert name of some university here> have a delegated SCCM model?

Probably. We’ve talked with our peers and several institutions, and with Microsoft, about various delegated management models.  Most of the models require a significant amount of work to implement and maintain, while the rest are only viable in smaller environments or require delegation that would be unacceptably broad here.