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20140709: NETID DC Demotions, Upgrades, and Promotions

Several changes are planned for the NETID domain service.


What and When:

The week of July 21, 2014 (7/21/2014), each NETID domain controller will be demoted, upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2, then promoted. Only one domain controller will be affected any given day.








What you need to do:

If you’ve hard-coded specific domain controller names in applications or code, you will need to adjust that configuration, otherwise you don’t need to do anything.


More info:

No networks are changing—the domain controllers will remain at the same IP addresses.


The domain controller with the FSMO roles will move from vader to tyranus from 7/22 to 7/25. On 7/25, all FSMO roles will return to vader. The active UWWI kiwi client will also transition with exactly the same details.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by sending email to with “UWWI” somewhere in the subject line.


Brian Arkills

UW-IT, Identity and Access Management

UWWI Service Manager