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20140327: UWWI schema changes 4/2/2014

A service change is planned for the UWWI NETID domain service.


What and When:

Three sets of schema changes will be made on Wednesday, April 2. The schema changes are:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 schema
  • System Center Configuration Manager schema
  • 2014 Custom schema changesWhat you need to do: Schema changes either extend or change the capabilities of Active Directory by defining new attributes and/or object classes. These changes add new attributes, add new classes, and in some cases add the new attributes to existing classes. In the case of the custom schema change, we are modifying the definition of a couple existing attributes, but these changes are either to give it a more appropriate description or improve the indexing or retention upon deletion behavior. Existing values in those attributes are not affected by any of those changes.
  • More info:
  • No impact is expected.


We are applying the WS2012R2 schema at this time (instead of waiting until summer when we’ll upgrade the domain controllers) to address a known issue with the ActiveDirectory powershell module.


We are applying the SCCM schema at this time in preparation for a UW-IT project to deploy SCCM in what will likely become a new service.


We are applying the 2014 custom schema at this time to:

  • Retain UW NetID type information for various UWWI operational process
  • Retain UW Entity type information for various UWWI operational process, including the Kerberos Delegation Sensitivity setting
  • To have a location to store requested exceptions to the Kerberos Delegation Sensitivity policy (see
  • To have a method of overriding the UWWI Person Data Agent behavior for UWWI user displayName population.
  • To update our eduPerson class implementation to reflect changes to the specification since we deployed it in 2006
  • To tweak the indexing and retention upon deletion behavior of previously added custom attributes


If you have questions about this planned work, please send email to with “UWWI 2014 schema work” in the subject line.