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20140213: uwwi-discuss mailing list

This email is to inform you that there is another mailing list you might be interested in joining. is a mailman list with the following two intentions:

a) Enable more detailed information about the UWWI service to be communicated than the uwwi-announce list

b) Enable two-way conversation, i.e. anyone on the list can post to it


With respect to a), the UWWI service plans to send change notifications that we generally wouldn’t send to uwwi-announce. There are quite a few changes that happen to the UWWI service which are not judged to be impactful, but whose details may be of interest, so we don’t bother everyone on uwwi-announce with them. As an example, we made a fairly big architectural change to the UWWI Group Sync Agent in January that we didn’t send to the uwwi-announce mailing list, but likely would be interesting to some number of customers. If they are notable, they make it into our semi-annual newsletters, but not much detail is shared even then. Near the end of each month, I’m also planning on sending a monthly operational update to the uwwi-discuss list which will give you a sense of what’s going on, and what planned changes we think are coming up in the next month.


With respect to b), there currently isn’t a good way for the UWWI service to do customer outreach, where we capture your input about the service. By having 2-way conversations, we’d like to enable you to have a smaller feedback loop (and hear what other customers think/want). There also isn’t a good way for you to share solutions with each other. If I had a nickel for how many times I’ve sent one of you to another because I knew you had done some work in a particular area, I’d be rich. 🙂 But that targeted direction isn’t really fair, and I think a mailing list allows folks to choose to contribute as time allows instead of being put on the spot.


Go to to join the uwwi-discuss mailing list.


And again, it’s not required, but it may be something you’d like to join.


Brian Arkills

UW-IT, Identity and Access Management

UWWI Service Manager