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20131212: NETID domain changes

Two service changes are planned for the UWWI NETID domain service.


What and When:

Over the next 3 weeks we will be making two changes that affect the NETID domain controllers. The timing of these changes is not exact, due to various dependency issues.


The planned changes are:

  1. We will turn on Windows Firewall on the NETID domain controllers. Access to the NETID domain controllers will remain unchanged–all campus networks will be permitted by the Windows Firewall configuration. We expect to make this change tomorrow.
  2. The private view of the DNS zone will move from campus DNS to AD-integrated DNS. The public view of this zone will remain as is. DNS records in the zone will remain identical. This change is dependent on other services (and their design) so there is a possibility this won’t happen in the next 3 weeks.What you need to do:
  3. More info:
  4. That said, both of these changes have the potential to cause significant impact should something not go as expected. So while we don’t expect impact, we do want you to be aware that this work is planned. Should you encounter a wide-spread issue, please contact UW-IT via or via the UW-IT Operations phone number (206-221-5000).
  5. You should *not* change the DNS settings on your computers–continuing to use the campus DNS servers for DNS resolution is the right configuration.
  6. No impact is expected. Both of these changes have already been tested and implemented in our evaluation environment.

We are implementing Windows Firewall on our domain controllers for a number of reasons. Those reasons include:

  • Due diligence in security configuration to meet various policies
  • Having the future ability to easily block specific IP addresses on UW networks across all the domain controllers, to limit exposure to an identified threat


We are moving our DNS zone for a variety of reasons. Those reasons include:

  • Support for self-service DNS registration
  • Rapid server provisioning. We’ll be able to promote/demote a domain controller without involvement from others, and in far less time (~2 hours vs. 12-18 hours)
  • Improved control of who can get a record in this DNS zone

This change helps us to support a couple important outcomes:

  • Better support for the UW Geo-Redundancy scenarios (e.g. allowing us to quickly bring up replacement domain controllers without waiting on other services that might be down)
  • Paves the way for putting a domain controller in Azure, possibly in 2014
  • Improves the experience of adding support for multiple Active Directory Sites (in 2014, we anticipate adding a site for our Tierpoint data center and probably Azure)


If you have questions about this planned work, please send email to with “UWWI firewall and DNS work” in the subject line.