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20130801: RE: Removal of support for NTLMv1 authentication in the NETID domain

Because multiple dependent services have encountered significant numbers of problems with this change, this service change has been partially rolled back. In specific, we have reverted the NETID domain controllers to permit NTLMv1 (as previously configured). We have *not* reverted the domain level configuration.


Dependent services with servers in the NETID domain that experienced problems supporting NTLMv2 only will need to implement a group policy that overrides the domain level setting in order to return to the configuration in effect prior to this change.


We are purposely not rolling back the change at the domain level because:

a) this sets an expectation of the right configuration, and those that can’t support it are exceptions

b) this allows each affected service to separately configure their LMCompatibilityLevel settings and move to compliance when ready


There will be future communication about next steps, known problems and workarounds, and when we’ll try to make this service change.