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20130401: UWWI NETID domain service change and policy change: domain trusts

A significant change has happened to the NETID domain service.


What and When:


The NETID domain service has changed its service design and policy. Under specific conditions, the NETID domain will trust another Windows domain. The conditions required are significant.


What you need to do:


Nothing. One of the key conditions required is that selective authentication is employed on the NETID side of the trust. This means that unless you explicitly permit users/groups from a trusted domain the ‘allowed to authenticate’ permissions on your computer objects, you are completely unaffected.


If you have concerns or questions, please send an email to with “UWWI trust policy change” in the subject.


More details:


This change is being made for multiple reasons:

  • to enable UW-IT to consolidate its Windows domains into the NETID domain without adversely affecting some of the most critical IT assets of the University
  • to permit a key initiative of the University’s enterprise data warehouse to move forward in providing data visualization capabilities
  • to allow other UW organizations in similar positions an easier way forward, without adversely affecting existing NETID domain customers


You can read about the conditions required in the trust section of the revised UWWI policy:


Brian Arkills

UW-IT, Identity and Access Management

UWWI Technical Lead