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20121219: RE: UWWI user mail attribute change


This change is beginning. We expect the change to take more than 24 hours, and possibly as much as 72 hours.


From: Brian Arkills Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:28 PM To: ‘’ ( Subject: UWWI user mail attribute change


A significant change is planned to the NETID domain service.


What and When:


During the break between fall quarter and winter quarter, UW-IT will be changing the mail attribute value to <uwnetid> for *all* UWWI users. For example, for NETID\barkills, the mail value will change from to


The mail attribute provides a reliable email address for a UWWI user. For example, Exchange uses it in forming its off-line address book.


This change will likely span several days. After this change, the UW Exchange service will manage the mail value.


What you need to do:


Nothing, unless you have a service that leverages the UWWI user mail attribute. If you do, you may need to adjust your service accordingly. Note that users can still direct where email is delivered by changing their UW email forwarding settings, via the UW NetID Manage page.


If you have concerns or questions, please send an email to with “UWWI mail attribute” in the subject.


More details:


This change is being made for multiple reasons:

  • to address lack of user input validation
  • to reduce the complexity around how the mail value is provisioned
  • to enforce uniqueness, preventing multiple users from having the same email address
  • to enable Office 365 integration with the UWWI NETID domain services; Office 365 has several rules that necessitate this change


Brian Arkills

UW-IT, Identity and Access Management

UWWI Technical Lead