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20121105: NETID DC promotions and demotions

Several changes are planned for the UWWI NETID domain service. These changes will close the existing temporary service capacity gap, which was noted in the email below sent 2 weeks ago.


What and When:

Several new domain controllers on a network not previously in the UWWI firewall documentation will be promoted beginning this Thursday, 11/8. One DC will be promoted on 11/8, with 2 additional DCs following over the following week for a total of 3 new NETID domain controllers.


After these 3 new DCs have been added, 2 of the existing domain controllers will be demoted as they have reached end of life.


What you need to do:

If you have a firewall or network filters, you may need to adjust them (see link below).


If you’ve hard-coded specific domain controller names in applications or code, you will need to adjust that configuration. If you have hard-coded either or, please change that configuration.


If neither of these situations apply to you, then you don’t need to do anything.


More info:

Another network has been added to the UWWI firewall list: (


The network that was on has been removed from the UWWI firewall list. For reference that network was: (


You can find the list of networks that correspond to NETID DCs to configure in your firewalls at


When all DC demotions are complete, we will remove two of the networks listed in that document, so if you do manage network filters you may want to check back in 3-4 weeks to remove unnecessary networks in your filters in the future.


> —–Original Message—–

> From: Brian Arkills

> Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 12:38 PM

> To: ‘’ (

> Subject: Netid domain controller (leia) forcible demotion planned ~1pm

> today


> Due to internal AD database corruption on and

> replication problems it was having, we have determined that we need to

> demote, one of 5 existing domain controllers

> providing the NETID domain service in the UWWI service line. Leia has been

> offline since yesterday evening and won’t be coming back online. You may

> have experienced odd problems because of Leia’s AD corruption. If you think

> you’ve got a lingering issue caused by this, please do open a help request via

> with UWWI somewhere in the subject line, and we’ll try to

> assist you.


> We have already replaced leia as the DNS master for, the

> DDNS zone provided for delegated OU customers, and there has been no

> impact to customers of that service.


> This work represents a minor degradation in service capacity, but this is

> expected to be the case only for a short period, as leia was planned to be

> replaced in the coming months.


> If, for some reason, you’ve hard-coded something to

>, you will want to change that.


> Brian Arkills

> UW-IT, Identity and Access Management

> UW Windows Infrastructure technical lead