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20120803: UWWI schema changes

This communications informs you of changes planned to the NETID domain.


What and When:

UW-IT will be applying 2 schema changes on Thursday, August 23.


What you need to do:

Nothing! 🙂


More details:

We’ll be modifying a custom object class we added back in 2006 to address an issue with our ongoing group integration refactor work. That work seeks to move Group Service integration with UWWI to near real-time synchronization (and that work is nearing completion). Specifics about this schema change will be documented at as all schema changes are.


We’ll also be applying the Windows Server 2012 schema, whose details can be found at Microsoft’s website, to enable the various features it brings.



Change Look Ahead:

We expect there to be more changes coming in the next month or so. These will include customer requested schema change and the mail attribute value change we’ve mentioned previously. Looking slightly more than a month ahead, we also expect to begin adding WS2012 domain controllers.