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Intune at the UW

Intune is a cloud-based device management tool. The Mobile Device Management (MDM) standard is often used in relation to Intune. A common misunderstanding is that MDM is limited to mobile devices; it is not. In contrast to other Microsoft device management capabilities, Intune supports most device platforms.

Only a single instance of Intune is allowed in our Azure AD tenant, so a shared service needs to be designed before UW customers might leverage this new capability. Delegation capabilities, particularly those required for a complex multi-tiered organization like the UW, are among the primary design problems that need a solution for a shared service to emerge. UW engineers are actively working with the Microsoft product team on these known gaps in the product.

The UW has deployed Intune, but only in a limited capacity to provide Autopilot cloud-based device provisioning. We will explore providing further Intune capabilities as needed, as prioritization, resources, and solutions allow.

Licensing for Intune requires an Intune service plan, included in the Microsoft 365 A3 license offer, for which you can review UW eligibility here.

Last reviewed June 4, 2020