UW Zoom AI Companion

Last updated: May 30, 2024
Audience: All UW

UW Zoom offers AI-based features, branded as “Zoom AI Companion,” to help UW faculty, staff, and students improve productivity and collaborate more effectively. 

The UW Zoom service team only enables features that are HIPAA-aligned and FERPA compliant. Accordingly, the UW’s contract with Zoom provides HIPAA alignment and FERPA compliance for all features currently enabled in UW Zoom, including the following AI-based tools:

  • AI Meeting Summary
  • AI Smart Recording for Meetings
  • AI Thread Summary for Team Chat

How Zoom AI Companion handles your data 

Zoom does not use user data to train external AI learning models. Zoom does not use any of your audio, video, chat, screen sharing, attachments or other communication – like poll results, whiteboard and reactions – to train Zoom’s or any third-party artificial intelligence models. 

Benefits of Zoom AI Companion 

When a meeting concludes, an AI-generated summary of the meeting, including action items, is available to the meeting host. Zoom meeting recordings saved to the cloud are automatically organized into short sections, making it faster to view key takeaways and action items identified in the recording. As a result: 

  • The need for note taking during a meeting is reduced, allowing more free-flowing discussion.  
  • The need for third-party external AI tools (i.e. otter.ai and read.ai) to generate a Zoom meeting summary is eliminated, meaning institutional data is preserved within Zoom, where privacy and security agreements are in place.  
  • Meeting hosts can organize a cloud recording into short sections and Zoom smart recording will provide key takeaways and action items in a digestible format for each section. These tools enable students reviewing course material to quickly find and consume specific topics. 

About Zoom AI Meeting Summary  

Meeting Summary allows meeting hosts to initiate an AI-generated summary of their meeting. For meetings you host, you can start or stop the meeting summary through the in-meeting controls. The summarization of the meeting only begins when the host or co-host clicks “Start Summary.”  

Meeting hosts can adjust their settings to have Meeting Summary start as soon as a meeting begins, skipping the need to manually enable summary generation in their meetings. This does not require the host to be present, as the Meeting Summary generation will begin as soon as someone starts your meeting. Meeting data will not be collected for an AI generated meeting summary unless a meeting host starts a meeting summary during the meeting or enables meeting summary to automatically start for all meetings they host.

After the meeting, the host can access the meeting summary from the Zoom web portal, for cloud-based editing and sharing to meeting participants. By default, only the host has access to the Meeting Summary.   

Meeting Summary uses in-meeting data to generate the Meeting Summary document. Meeting Summary does not collect data until the meeting host or co-host starts the Meeting Summary from the in-meeting toolbar. Meeting participants receive a notification Meeting Summary has started. Participants choosing to remain in the meeting with Meeting Summary enabled will be included in the Meeting Summary.

About Zoom AI Smart Recording 

Zoom AI Smart Recording allows meeting hosts to organize a cloud recording into sections called smart chapters, get key takeaways in a quick and digestible format through recording highlights, and identify action items to take after the meeting or webinar. These features enable students reviewing course material to quickly find and consume specific topics.

Zoom AI Companion will attempt to highlight the most important parts of the recording. Meeting hosts can manually adjust highlights as needed and can save highlights as separate files. Zoom AI Companion will automatically group the recording into different sections with timestamps. Meeting hosts can edit chapters, to adjust the start and end time of the chapter.   

Zoom AI Smart Recording is enabled by default for all licensed Zoom meeting hosts at UW. Cloud recordings with AI Smart Recording will be available for student viewing by default when scheduling Zoom meetings using the Zoom page in Canvas. Cloud recordings with Zoom AI Smart Recording must be manually shared by the meeting host when scheduling meetings using Zoom.  

About Zoom AI Companion Team Chat 

Zoom Team Chat allows UW faculty, staff, and students to connect via chat outside of a Zoom meeting. Chat Compose with AI Companion leverages AI technology to summarize chat threads. 

Cloud storage limitations for AI tools 

AI-generated meeting summaries, smart recordings, and chats are automatically deleted from the UW Zoom Cloud after four months. The meeting host can delete AI-generated files from the Zoom Cloud prior to auto-deletion. 

Instructors using AI-generated content as course materials should retain educational records until no longer needed, plus one academic quarter (three months). UW Records Management Services provides guidance for course materials records retention 

Faculty, staff, and students should review Zoom records retention policies to determine how long Zoom generated records should be retained. Meeting hosts needing to retain records longer than four months should download and store AI-generated records in accordance with UW records retention policies 

Guidelines for using AI tools 

Protecting UW information for our students, faculty, and staff is a shared responsibility for everyone at UW. Before using Zoom AI tools, review the interim guidelines for using AI-based tools at UW 

Using Zoom AI features for UW courses 

Instructors considering using Zoom AI features within their courses should review guidance offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning.  

AI-based tools raise ethical and social issues that instructors may want to consider and discuss with students. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers ethical and social considerations related to AI-based tools along with sample syllabus statements when using AI tools 

Using Zoom AI tools in Healthcare Settings 

UW Zoom and Zoom AI-based features are covered by a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and can be used in healthcare settings. Before using AI-based features, check with your department and UW Medicine Compliance for guidance and approval. Zoom AI features are not available during UW Medicine Telemedicine appointments scheduled in Epic.