UW-IT Centralized Fax Service

Last updated: August 16, 2022

UW-IT Centralized Fax Service Description

Paper and toner costs make operating traditional (physical) fax machines expensive. The UW-IT Centralized Fax Service is an excellent alternative to maintaining a physical fax machine. UW-IT Centralized Fax Service enables individuals or groups to send and receive faxes without maintaining a physical fax machine. Rather than having faxes print out, faxes are sent or received using email or by accessing a simple-to-use web page (https://fax.uw.edu/). Faxes are displayed using the PDF format and can be retained for up to 90 days.

For those in need of maintaining HIPAA compliance, please alert UW-IT helpdesk. UW-IT will configure the account so that faxes will be retained on the server for only 5 days and the contents of the fax will not be emailed, only a notification of a fax being received.  These are some of the configuration items done to help departments meet HIPAA compliance standards.

Migrating existing UW-IT provided campus fax numbers to the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service is seamless and easy. UW-IT can transition your existing fax number or set up a new fax number to meet your needs.

The following table describes the deployment options available for the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service:

Receiving Faxes Sending Faxes
Personal  Account Received faxes are sent to a personal email address. They can also be retrieved using the web interface.

Personal inbound fax numbers are available. See the service catalog for pricing (here).

For HIPAA compliance only a notification for received faxes will be sent..  Fax content can be viewed via the web link in the email.

Sending a fax can be done using the email address associated with the personal fax account or by using the web interface.*Note – to send a fax via email, the “From” email address MUST match the email address used for the fax account.

Outbound service requires the use of a campus email (@uw.edu or @washington.edu), and a campus phone number to be entered in the UW directory.

When sending a fax, the UW-IT CFS server will look up and use the fax number listed in the UW Directory. To update/add this number go to Employee Self-Service, available on your MYUW page, and then update the Campus Address information on the Address menu.

Personal Account – Shared number This is cross between a personal account and a shared account.  Received faxes are sent to a distribution list. Sending faxes can be done using email or by using the web interface. However in the option each user does not see faxes sent by the other users.


Shared Account Received faxes are sent to a distribution list, that is then distributed to multiple people by the email server. Faxes can also be retrieved using the web interface.


Sending faxes is done using the web interface. Since this is a shared user account, all sent faxes can be seen by everyone using the shared user account.

The fax server also offers flexibility for notification of received or sent faxes. Several notification profiles are available to choose from to meet your needs:



Inbound fax Outbound Successful (confirmation) Outbound Failure PDF of fax included in email notification
1 Inbound fax, Outbound Success, and Outbound Failure, plus attached document

2 Inbound fax, Outbound Success, and Outbound Failure, no attached document

3 Inbound fax, Outbound Failure, plus attachment document

4 Inbound fax, Outbound Failure, no attachment document

Due to complexities in faxing to international numbers, the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service only supports outbound faxing to US and Canada. There is no such restriction on the inbound service.

Quick Reference Guides

Follow the links below for specific information pertaining to the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service:

Video Tutorials

Troubleshooting Procedures

Anyone who sends faxes regularly will tell you that from time-to-time fax failures do occur. When using the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service, there is a historical list of sent faxes in the web interface under the Outbound History link. The status of faxes are displayed in the Status column. Further investigation can be done by clicking on the failed link and reading the Description under the Error Information section. Reading this information is an excellent first step to understanding why faxes are failing. Note – similar information is available for inbound faxes under Inbound History.

If you are experiencing a high number of fax failures, please report the issue to Customer Service by calling 206.221.5000 or emailinghelp@uw.edu


Individual outbound faxing is now included in the Dial Tone tariff.  For inbound or for department faxing, please refer to the Centralized Fax page on the UW Service Catalog.


UW faculty, UW staff, UW students in residence halls, and multiple off-campus locations in the Puget Sound area.

Ordering Procedures (Move, Add, and Change)

Personal outbound service is open for Campus Telephone service customers.  Moves, adds, changes for personal inbound service and shared accounts for the UW-IT Centralized Fax Service are handled by submitting a request to Customer Service via the Centralized Fax page on the UW-IT Service Catalog. Please provide 710 business days advance notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to frequently asked questions about the UW-IT Centralized Fax Server here.