Extension Connect

Last updated: March 30, 2020

(also known as EC500)

This feature allows customers the flexibility of extending their UW telephone service to a cellular or home telephone number, permitting increased mobility. When Extension Connect is configured and enabled, calls to your UW phone (extension) number will ring simultaneously on any designated 10-digit telephone number.

NOTE: This service is only available for campus numbers that have the prefix of 221, 352, 543, 616, 685, 692 and 897.

If you are in UW Medicine, the UW Medical Center or Harborview, please contact the follow support groups:

This service, once set up by UW IT Customer Services (contact information below), is available to faculty and staff who wish to redirect their UW number to an alternate, user-defined 10-digit telephone number. Extension Connect works for most all UW provided telephone numbers and is based on a one-to-one relationship between a UW telephone number and the alternate telephone number of your device (phone, cell phone, etc.).

When a call is placed to your UW phone number, the call rings almost simultaneously on your alternate device. You can answer a call on your alternate device and then continue the call from your desk phone, without having to transfer the caller or make a return phone call. The service can easily be turned on and off so you can control when calls made to your UW phone number will ring on your alternate device.

When Extension Connect is configured in the UW phone system and you are calling another UW phone number from your alternate device, your UW number will be displayed just as though the call was made from your desk phone.

This feature can also be used to dial outbound from your designated device through the UW campus using UW dial tone to place your call; once you dial into the UW telephone system, you can dial any number (local or domestic long distance), as if you were using your desk phone. For example, if you call into the telephone system from your designated Extension Connect telephone number (e.g. your cell phone) and make an outbound call, the caller-id of your UW telephone number will be displayed instead of your cell phone number.

Use the following numbers to activate the various features, after your line has been configured:

To enable Extension Connect simultaneous ringing: 206-897-1165

To disable Extension Connect simultaneous ringing: 206-897-1185

To obtain dialtone from your designated 10 digit number: 206-897-1100

  • After you hear the dialtone sound, you can dial a five digit extension or dial 9+10-digit number you are trying to reach.

To enable Send All Calls (sending all calls to voicemail): 206-897-1179

To disable Send All Calls: 206-897-1178

Please note:

  • It takes a few seconds for the telephone system to extend simultaneous ringing to cell or home phone number.
  • If your cell phone is turned off or out of cell range, your calls may go directly to your cell phone voicemail. If you do not have voicemail on your cell phone, calls will go to the UW voicemail system.

How to Order

Email: mailto:help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000

When requesting via email, please include your UW extension and the 10-digit number that you want to use with this service.