Long Distance Calling

Last updated: October 5, 2022

Long distance calls to the US and Canada are included in the basic dial tone phone service rate.

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 Placing a long distance call to the USA and Canada, from UW

  1. Dial 9.
  2. Listen for the dial tone.
  3. Dial 1,  area code, and seven-digit number.

International Calling

International calling requires either a UWATS code or Direct Dial Service.  UW Phone service customers can request a UWATS code via email to help@uw.edu.  Budget owners and their delegates may request that a phone be given permission to dial international numbers without a UWATS code via Direct Dial Service.  Direct Dial Service is helpful when making many international calls but creates more opportunity for fraudulent use.  It’s also not a good choice when the person making international calls uses multiple desks and when the phones are accessible to the public.  Direct Dial Services can also be requested via help@uw.edu.

Please note: UW IT will deactivate UWATS codes which have not been used in the last 12 months to reduce the chance for fraud. If you find that your UWATS code is no longer functional or if you no longer need it, please notify help@uw.edu.

How to call an international number:

  1. Dial 9.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Dial 011 + country code + city code (if first digit for city code is a 0, omit the 0) + number.
    NOTE: If the total of the digits to be dialed (including the 011) is less than 15 digits, press # after the number.
  4. Listen for stutter tone, this indicates UWATS is required.  If Direct Dial Services are enabled for the phone, the stutter tone will not be heard.
  5. Dial UWATS code, if stutter tone was heard.

Calls to Some Countries Are Blocked

Calls to some countries are blocked due to high rates of fraudulent charges incurred in long distance and toll-free services. Exceptions may be granted to departments with a business need on a per destination number basis. Exceptions will require budgetary and departmental approval, as well as 3 business days advanced notice.  For further assistance in calling these countries, contact UW-IT at help@uw.edu or 206-221-5000.  Please indicate when the exception can expire.  Expired exception will be removed and the block re-instated after that time.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at help@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.