Dialing Procedures

Last updated: October 6, 2022

Campus Phone to Campus Phone

Across the University of Washington campuses and affiliates, people can be reached by dialing their extensions or 10-digit number without the need to first dialing “9”.  This table outlines the various local phone number area-codes and prefixes, and their matching extensions.

Using campus phones, calls placed to the 10-digit University of Washington phone numbers are converted to the matching extension automatically.

Local phone number Entity Matching  extension Campus dialing
206-221-xxxx UW Seattle 1xxxx  Dial as 206-221-xxxx or 1xxxx
425-352-xxxx UW Bothell 2xxxx  Dial as 425-352-xxxx or 2xxxx
206-520-xxxx UW Medicine 0xxxx  Dial as 206-520-xxxx or 0xxxx
206-543-xxxx UW Seattle 3xxxx  Dial as 206-543-xxxx or  3xxxx
206-598-xxxx UW Medical Center 8xxxx  Dial as 206-598-xxxx or 8xxxx
206-616-xxxx UW Seattle 6xxxx  Dial as 206-616-xxxx or 6xxxx
206-685-xxxx UW Seattle 5xxxx  Dial as 206-685-xxxx or 5xxxx
253-692-xxxx UW Tacoma 2xxxx  Dial as 253-692-xxxx or 2xxxx
206-744-xxxx UW Medicine 744xxxx  Dial as 206-744-xxxx or 744xxxx
206-897-xxxx UW Seattle 7xxxx  Dial as 206-897-xxxx or 7xxxx

Local and Long Distance Calling

University of Washington Camus Phone Service supports both 10 and 11 dialing for local and long distance numbers.  To reach any local or long distance number, including toll-free numbers, dial “9” plus the number.  If the phone you are using is restricted, then enter your UWATS code following the stutter-tone.

To dial a local call from an unrestricted campus telephone:

  1. Press [9].
  2. Dial the 10  or 11 digit phone number.
  3. Dial [authorization code] (if required)

Note – Ten digit dialing is now required for all off-campus local calls.

International Calling using UWATS:

International calling requires either a UWATS code or Direct Dial Service.  UW Phone service customers can request a UWATS code via email to help@uw.edu.  Budget owners and their delegates may request that a phone be given permission to dial international numbers without a UWATS code via Direct Dial Service.  Direct Dial Service is helpful when making many international calls but creates more opportunity for fraudulent use.  It’s also not a good choice when the person making international calls uses multiple desks and when the phones are accessible to the public.  Direct Dial Services can also be requested via help@uw.edu.

Please note: UW IT will deactivate UWATS codes which have not been used in the last 12 months to reduce the chance for fraud. If you find that your UWATS code is no longer functional or if you no longer need it, please notify help@uw.edu.

  1. Dial [9]
  2. Dial [011]
  3. Dial [country code]
  4. Dial [city code] (omit 0 if first digit)
  5. Dial [local number]
  6. Dial [#]. (NOTE: Do not dial # if international number – excluding 011 – is 12 digits)
  7. Dial [authorization code] (if required)

Calls to Some Countries Are Blocked

Calls to some countries are blocked due to high rates of fraudulent charges incurred in long distance and toll-free services. Exceptions may be granted to departments with a business need on a per destination number basis. Exceptions will require budgetary and departmental approval, as well as 3 business days advanced notice.  For further assistance in calling these countries, contact UW-IT at help@uw.edu or 206-221-5000.  Please indicate when the exception can expire.  Expired exception will be removed and the block re-instated after that time.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at help@uw.edu or call 206-221-5000.