3D Printing & Consultation

Last updated: January 18, 2023
October 2021 update: 3D printing services are not offered at this time due to staffing and resource priorities. Please check back in future quarters.

The Computer Vet on the second floor of Odegaard is piloting a free service to help students explore the world of 3D printing in a supportive learning environment.

Our goal is to help you experience 3D printing in a supported environment to build your confidence for using other 3D printers on campus for your larger projects.

Sign up for a 4-hour block of consultation/printing time, and our consultants will help you get a print started. Each person is limited to a maximum of two appointments per quarter.

You can:

  • bring a file that’s ready to go*
  • get help finding a workable file on thingiverse
  • print one of our pre-selected items:
    Pre-selected 3D printable item: whale Pre-selected 3D printable item: husky Pre-selected 3D printable item: darth vader Pre-selected 3D printable item: baymax

Plan to stay at the Help Desk long enough to get the print started, about 30-45 minutes. You may return to pick up your print at the end of your reservation time.

*If you are bringing your own file, please note:

  • It may be necessary to modify the size and settings of your file to ensure it will finish within the allotted time and to maximize the chances of a successful print.
  • Objects should not contain extreme angles or have overhangs, as shown in the following examples:
    3D bad choices - overhang 3D bad choices - overhang
  • Avoid objects with moving parts or requiring pieces to snap together, such as the items pictured below. They may not print successfully.
    3D bad choices - multiple pieces that fit together

Examples of successful projects:
3D printing success - twisted vase  3D printing success - shark clip 3D success - self watering pot

Schedule: Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm; and Monday through Thursday, 3 pm to 7 pm.

Reserve your time here

If you are unable to view the workshops above, please see the calendar here.

Equipment: Flashforge Creator Pro Dual Extruder loaded with environmentally-friendly black or white ABS filament using an .x3g file on a 64gbh XC-SD flash storage card.

Software: Makerbot Print

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