Tera Term Software – Issues with Windows 7

Last updated: July 8, 2013

Tera Term users who have had their operating system updated to Windows 7 on their computer have been experiencing problems with the key mapping component in the Tera Term software when trying to access the administrative systems on Keynes.   


Hold down the Ctrl Key while pressing J on your keyboard.  This substitutes for the Enter key on the number keypad.


Before you attempt to follow these steps, you need to be an administrator on your local machine. If you are not, please contact your local support or Nebula.


Download Tera Term Pro to your computer.

  1. Select “download the software from our server” under Get Software
  2. Agree to the Tera Term Use Agreement
  3. Select Tera Term Pro 2.34 and save the file

An menu item will appear in your Programs Menu after the download has been completed and   This should install Tera Term Pro to your computer. 

Configure and Startup Software

Follow these selections:
Start Menu -> UWICK Applications -> Administrative Applications -> Keynes

1. Select Keynes will start a session and a sign-on screen will appear.

Creating a Shortcut for Keynes

You may create a shortcut using Windows 7 for Keynes once you have successfully used Keynes with these steps:

  1. Click once with the left mouse button on Start -> Programs -> UWICK Applications-Administrative Application -> Keynes
  2. From the resulting list, click once with the right mouse button on the terminal you want to copy (Keynes)
  3. From the resulting popup menu, click once with the mouse button on ‘Send To’
  4. From the resulting list, click once with the left mouse button on Desktop (create shortcut)
  5. You should then see a new shortcut appear on your desktop for the terminal you want to use. (Note that this shortcut does have the small arrow, just like your other desktop shortcuts).

Downloading this software seems to solve most issues. If it doesn’t, contact 206-221-5000.