Download Sophos Home Premium (Sophos Home Commercial Edition) on your personal or the UW-owned computer

Last updated: March 8, 2022

The Sophos Home Premium (or “Sophos Home Commercial Use Edition”) offer is provided courtesy of Sophos to UW students, faculty, and staff. With an affiliated or email address, users can get Sophos Home Premium at no cost for their personal computers and devices. Use of Sophos Home Premium as a part of this license is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • I am a current UW student, faculty or staff
  • The computer I will use the software on is my own personal computer or a device owned by the University of Washington.
  • By downloading or copying the software, I agree not to rent, sell, lease, assign or otherwise transfer the Software; reverse engineer, compile, make alterations to or otherwise modify the Software; or disclose or otherwise make available the Software, User Manuals, or copies thereof, to any third party.
  • I agree to remove the software from my computer(s) if/when my use is no longer covered by the UW license (e.g., upon graduation or separation/retirement).
  • This offer may end at any time and without warning. If that happens, I will switch to the basic version of Sophos Home.

Once you enter your UW-affiliated email address on the following page, Sophos will send an email to that email address with a coupon code and instructions on next steps for downloading Sophos Home Premium. The UW email address is only required for receiving the coupon code–UW users are then welcome to use any email address they choose for registering their account with Sophos. If you accept the terms above, please click on “I Agree” below to proceed to the Sophos software download page.

I Agree
If you no longer eligible for “Sophos Home Commercial Use Edition” Install basic Sophos Home on a personal computer instead