Creating Media from SAS Software Depots

Last updated: October 7, 2019

The SAS Deployment Wizard

The SAS Deployment Wizard has a process by which you can create media from an existing SAS Software Depot. Note that this process will not actually create the media, but prepare images that you should burn for yourself, using whatever media burning software you have installed. Use the following steps to copy your SAS software to media:

  1. Start the SAS Deployment Wizard from the SAS Software Depot containing the desired order, and at the opening Select Deployment Task dialog, select Manage this SAS Software Depot and click Next.
  2. The Manage SAS Software Depot opens. Select the software order you want to copy and click Create Media-Ready Image.
  3. The Create Media dialog opens. In the Media Type field, select the type of media you are going to want to create. In the Target Directory field, enter the location where the media-ready images will be created. You can use the Browse… button to find an appropriate directory. Click Start to begin creating the media-ready images.
  4. When the SAS Deployment Wizard has finished creating the images, close the Create Media dialog and click Finish on the SAS Software Depot.
  5. Go to the target directory you selected in step 3. The SAS Deployment Wizard has created a directory structure consisting of a labels.txt file and at least one subdirectory. The labels.txt file contains a list of the created subdirectories and names for them as well as information about those names.Find as many pieces of media as there are subdirectories in your target directory. Label each piece of media according to the labels.txt file.
  6. Using your media burning software, burn the contents of each subdirectory onto the correspondingly labeled media.Note: Do not burn the subdirectory itself on to the media, but open it and burn its contents onto the media. Use of the media you make relies on some of the files being at the top of the media. Burning the subdirectory inserts an extra directory level on the media that will hamper its use.

Note on Media Burning

During the development and testing of the SAS Deployment Wizard, SAS discovered inconsistencies between media-burning applications, sometimes resulting in unexpected errors. Note, however, that the SAS software, including the SAS Deployment Wizard, was not the cause of the errors. Instead, the errors occurred as a result of failures in the burning process or as a result of different specifications between the drives burning the media and the drives reading the media.

Try to use the exact same type of drive for burning and reading the media you create. If you use a different drive to read the media, unexpected errors like installation hangs and messages about corrupted files may occur. Testing has shown that, in every case, corruptions that occur are a result of the burning process and that the hangs are a result of the reader not being able to read the burned media. Please note, though, even using the same type of drive is not a guarantee that the errors will not occur; it just makes them less likely.

Note also that much of the burning software is operating system-specific. If you intend to use your burned media on a different operating system than the one used to create it, ensure that your burning software is capable of supporting that operating system.