Student Information

Last updated: July 6, 2023
As of November 2022, UW-IT is evaluating the previously announced UW Microsoft service level changes and the information on this page may not be accurate. Further information will be communicated when available. Please contact with any questions.


All students (undergraduate, graduate, and Continuum College) had their UW Office 365 account upgraded to the UW Microsoft Student service level in November 2021.

If you have questions about whether or not student status applies to you, please see the Manage UW NetID Resources page and click the + (plus) sign next to “Affiliations” to verify your affiliation. Refer to the Affiliations page for more information about the assigned Microsoft Service Level, or contact


Key features with the new UW Microsoft Student service level include:


The following products and services have been removed:

  • MyAnalytics
  • Teams Dataverse
  • Virtual Agent

If students or student employees require these products, please contact

Action required

No action is required. Eligible UW Office 365 accounts have already been upgraded.

Additional information

Course Shared UW NetIDs with UW Office 365 activated through the Provisioning Request Tool (PRT) automatically receive the UW Microsoft Student service level.  SAO Shared UW NetIDs also automatically receive the UW Microsoft Student service level for their UW Office 365 account.