Last updated: July 6, 2023
As of November 2022, UW-IT is evaluating the previously announced UW Microsoft service level changes and the information on this page may not be accurate. Further information will be communicated when available. Please contact with any questions.


The Microsoft Service Level Changes project introduces a new way of applying UW Microsoft services to UW Office 365 accounts, depending on UW affiliation(s) and account types (e.g. student, faculty, staff, unpaid academic worker, Department Shared UW NetID, etc.). Reviewing current UW affiliation(s) will help determine what level of Microsoft service will be applied to UW Office 365 accounts beginning in June 2022.

How to check UW affiliation

The Manage UW NetID Resources page provides a list of affiliation(s) associated with a UW NetID. To view affiliation(s), navigate to the page and then expand the + (plus) sign next to the word “Affiliation”.

Screenshot of the Manage UW NetID Resources page displaying HR information

The topmost entry is typically the affiliation that identifies which UW Microsoft service level the UW NetID’s UW Office 365 account will receive.

Screenshot example of the affiliations from HR found using the Manage UW NetID Resources tool

Microsoft Service Level according to affiliation/account type

Below is the list of UW affiliations & account types along with the Microsoft Service Level that will be applied to the corresponding UW Office 365 account. For a breakdown of what each Microsoft Service Level entails, please see the UW Microsoft Service Level Offerings.

UW Affiliation/Account Type Microsoft Service Level
Faculty Advanced
Staff Advanced
Student Student
Stipend Student
Supplemental, Student Activities Office (Shared NetID) Student
Supplemental, Course (Shared NetID) Student
UW Medicine Account, UW Medicine Workforce Transitional
Supplemental, Department (Shared NetID) Transitional
Affiliate Transitional
Unpaid Academic Worker Transitional
Retiree Transitional


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