Managed Workstation Service and Windows 11

Last updated: August 31, 2022

Windows 11 is currently unsupported for Managed Workstation Customers.

Windows 11 includes a number of changes to the user experience and hardware requirements. What we’ve learned about Windows 11 has indicated that it is a significant user experience shift, which Managed Workstation users will find impactful to their productivity. These are issues that we are still working to sort out. Since Windows 11 is so recently released, the Managed Workstation Service has not had a chance to do any experience testing with existing products and environments.

Additionally, the licensing activation process for Windows 11 reflects a different paradigm than previous Windows versions. Windows 11 is not currently eligible for KMS activation. At this time subscription-based activation the only methodology for activating Windows 11, with each activation counting towards a user’s 5 device limit. The ‘Windows 10 Enterprise’ service plan is available via the Microsoft 365 A3 licenses which are more broadly used today at the UW, however, at this time that service plan is not enabled for the University.

More information will be available as we learn more about this Windows operating system release and how it will impact our customers.