Hyak Next Generation Supercomputer

Last updated: August 11, 2022

Propelling UW research with double the computing power

Jeff Gardner and Chance Reschke stand next to the Hyak supercomputer.
Jeff Gardner and Chance Reschke stand next to the Hyak supercomputer.

A major upgrade to Hyak, the UW’s on-site shared cluster supercomputer, is helping to address the growing needs of the UW research community by offering:

More powerful processors that have more than doubled Hyak’s computational powers
Faster networking speed and greater data storage ensure excellent scaling for parallel codes
Infrastructure upgrades and other improvements that ensure Hyak has plenty of room to grow and handle emerging big data challenges

The supercomputer is an important engine supporting scientific and engineering research at the UW. It has helped the University retain or recruit nearly two dozen faculty members and brought in millions of dollars in grants. More than 60 research groups rely on Hyak to do their work.

“By reducing barriers and creating opportunity, Hyak doesn’t just allow UW researchers to do more of what they did before, but enables them to explore areas of research that would have otherwise been impossible,” said Chance Reschke, director of UW-IT’s Research Computing.

The original Hyak was installed in the UW Tower data center and began production on July 1, 2010. Demand has increased significantly, prompting a need for Hyak NextGen.

About Hyak NextGen

Hyak next-generation supercomputer, also known as MOX.hyak, offers:

100 GbsIntel Omnipath Interconnect

>1 PetabyteFast, shared
storage space

200 nodesInitial deployment

1,500 nodesMaximum capacity

More information?

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