Oracle Replacement/DocFinity Implementation Project Status

Last updated: May 26, 2023

The Oracle Replacement/DocFinity Implementation Project is a migration process in which Oracle WebCenter documents are being implemented into DocFinity to help better streamline business processes.

Current status (snapshot, February 6, 2023): We are pleased to announce that we have migrated fourteen customers to DocFinity and are working on migrating the remaining six customers by March 1, 2023. One of the current customers is migrating to a separate system, not managed by the UW-IT.

Below is the migration process for each customer:

  1. The EDM Dev team reviews each customers’ configuration, and prototypes a “like to like” configuration in the new system. The team demoes that configuration with each customer and provides a walk-through of their system.
  2. After configuration is confirmed by customers, the team sets up formal training where each customer’s team is doing hands-on activities in the test system. A customized User Guide is provided with the training. The User Guide describes step-by-step instructions for doing the regular tasks of Searching for a document and Uploading and Indexing a document.
  3. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is scheduled shortly after training. Some customers have APIs associated with their Document Management and those APIs need to be updated to work with DocFinity.
  4. After UAT is completed and reviewed for any blocking issues, the customer is scheduled to migrate into DocFinity.
  5. Oracle WebCenter is set as read-only for a day or two.
  6. Customer is migrated to DocFinity.
  7. Customer is live in DocFinity.

The EDM Team is also partnering with UW Accessibility and Records Management teams during this project.

Customer migration completion will be followed up by decommissioning of the current Oracle WebCenter by end of May 2023.


Project Summary

This project encompasses all the work necessary to implement DocFinity and migrate all records from Oracle WebCenter to it:

  • Validation and analysis of current customer requirements;
  • Engaging with the vendor’s Professional Services team to learn, configure, implement, and begin migrating customer data into DocFinity SaaS environment;
  • Build required infrastructure and custom applications to support integrations with University data sources and business systems;
  • Communication, marketing, and creation of training and documentation artifacts aimed at current customers and the broader University community;
  • Complete migration of all customer data; and
  • Decommissioning of infrastructure that supports the current Oracle WebCenter infrastructure.


  • A modern Document Management System (DMS) will help streamline business processes and allow the team to more quickly onboard new customers.
  • This project provides a modern, actively-developed document management system that will facilitate integrations with other campus systems e.g., UW Web Services, Versatile (Records Management Services), Workday (HR, Finance), Office of Public Records, and University Archives for end-to-end records management. The last two examples would be completely new, future state integrations.
  • Given that this is an Enterprise system, this project directly supports all four of UW-IT’s strategic goals.


For questions about the EDM Oracle Replacement/DocFinity Implementation and Migration Project, send questions directly to our team at DMS Support. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm PST.