March 12, 2019

Snow didn’t slow down IT tools or the Service Center

Husky sculpture with snow and a snowman built behind it

Despite our recent snowy weather and the UW’s eight days of suspended operations, UW students, faculty and staff were still able to connect remotely to resources on UW campuses, hold virtual meetings and classes online, and get the IT help they needed to continue to be productive.

Demand for IT resources for working remotely surged during this period, with use of the Husky OnNet services tripling. These services, Husky OnNet and Husky OnNet for Departments, allow secure, remote connections to the UW network and firewall-protected resources. New users to UW Zoom Video Conferencing increased 400 percent during the snow closure. The service proved useful to many for hosting virtual office hours, holding meetings or collaborating remotely. Many classes were conducted online. The number of minutes of Panopto videos delivered shot up when classes were cancelled, and views of videos also increased dramatically. Panopto Lecture Capture allows for easy recording and reviewing of videos from courses, lectures and presentations.

Throughout, IT support was always available, 24x7x365, with UW-IT Technology Service Center staff on hand to respond to outages or service disruptions and answer calls and emailed questions to (206) 221-5000 or via

For a full list of resources useful to working remotely, check out the guide on IT Connect.