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IT Connect

Information technology tools and resources at the UW

Managed Device Services

  • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure AD provides cloud-based identity services for Microsoft and other vendor products.
  • Delegated OUs
    • Provides device management capabilities using Microsoft Active Directory and related technologies.
  • Managed Workstation Service
    • Workstation management and assistance, with optional file, VPN, and consulting services
  • Services and Systems Monitoring
    • The UW-IT Service and Systems Monitoring Service provides monitoring, logging, notification, graphing, and alerting services for services, systems, and applications managed by UW-IT.
  • Standard Managed Server
    • Server consulting, configuration, installation and ongoing support
  • Windows Imaging and Software Deployment
    • Windows Imaging and Software Deployment provides a mechanism for Windows client computers to install OS images or software over the network.