Standard Hosted Server

Service Description

UW-IT has large-scale virtualization infrastructure currently hosting a 1000+ virtual servers for UW-IT and other campus customers. This Standard Hosted Server (SHS) service is designed to allow IT departments to leverage UW-IT's virtualization infrastructure while retaining full administrative control and responsibility.

Customers requiring more support may be interested in our Standard Managed Server service, or for complex or customized computing needs our Consulting service may be able to help develop a custom solution.

Service Options

Standard Hosted Servers come pre-configured with Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016, CentOS 6 64bit, CentOS 7 64bit. Installation of other operating systems is not supported.

A basic self-service web portal is provided for system console access and power cycle functions. Access to this portal is controlled via UWNetID with a list of allowed UW NetIDs provided by the customer. Customers should configure their Standard Hosted Server to allow general administration activity to be done directly via SSH, Remote Desktop, or other preferred methods.

All servers are pre-allocated one static public IPv4 address, one static private UW p172 address and one static IPv6 address. One address will be active initially and the customer is responsible for choosing which IP addresses to use as well as adding or changing IP address configurations within the operating system.

Each IP will have A and AAAA records for each IP of the form:

  • public v4 IP
  • p172 IP
  • public v6 IP

The v* names associated with the server can not be changed. All three IP addresses will have PTR records pointing to the corresponding name. Customer may point their own DNS names to the assigned IP addresses without notification to UW-IT. UW-IT will change PTR records to customer DNS names by request.

Backups of the virtual machine image or operating system are not provided. Customer is responsible for system backups and might consider the UW-IT Data Backups and Archives Service

Technical Support is available as a separate consulting service, however, UW-IT does not retain any special access to the server. Direct support costs will be charged for such consulting.


UW faculty; UW staff; UW academic units; UW administrative units; UW affiliated organizations; Need an approved UW budget number

How to Order

To request a Standard Hosted Server, please submit this Request Form. You will be asked for details regarding your server needs, budget number, etc.

New requests are provisioned as fast as possible - typically within 2 business days.

If you are prompted to log into the Request Form, enter <"NETID\"> followed by your UW NetID user name in the user name field e.g., <"NETID\jdoe">, followed by your UW NetID password in the password field.  Tip: Be sure to use the backslash "\" instead of the forward slash "/”.


The virtualization infrastructure is highly robust with redundancy at every level, including generator power in the UW datacenters. Infrastructure maintenance can be performed transparently and faults of individual hardware components are typically non-service impacting. Failure of underlying server hardware may result in a brief outage before the hosted server is automatically recovered on an alternate node. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7. The system is not designed to survive a catastrophic disaster. High availability needs are the responsibility of the customer and should be met with the provision of multiple servers. The request form provides a choice of 'Location' for those needing a system outside of the Seattle region.


$14.00 per month for each "unit" or "slice" hosted in Seattle data centers.
$18.60 per month for each "unit" or "slice" hosted in out of area data centers.
A slice is 1 vCPU*, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk.

Additional disk is available in 50GB increments at $.10/GB per month, up to 800GB total size.

A single virtual server is defined by combining 1 or more slices.

* Virtual CPUs do not scale linearly with the other resources. See the table below for exact details.

Slice Count Memory Max Disk Max vCPU
1 2GB 50GB 1
2 4GB 100GB 1
3 6GB 150GB 2
4 8GB 200GB 2
5 10GB 250GB 2
6 12GB 300GB 2
7 14GB 350GB 3
8 16GB 400GB 3
9 18GB 450GB 3
10 20GB 500GB 3
11 22GB 550GB 3
12 24GB 600GB 4
13 26GB 650GB 4
14 28GB 700GB 4
15 30GB 750GB 4
16 32GB 800GB 5


Service Level Description

For a typical Standard Hosted Server UW-IT will:

  • Provide a stable virtual hosting environment
  • Maintain self service portal
  • Provide OS license
  • Increase 'slice count' at request (slice reduction is not possible at this time)
  • Provide pre-allocated IP addresses and standard DNS names
  • Shut down poorly behaving SHSs
  • Remove SHS upon request

The customer will:

  • Install and update VM host tools within hosted server as needed
  • Perform all administration of the OS and any installed applications. Including adhering to UW security policies and procedures
  • Maintain backups if desired
  • Manage server network configuration including IP addresses, DNS CNAMES, and system firewall configurations

Additional Information

For any additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions, please view our web site.

Support Information

UW-IT can confirm that the virtual hosting environment is operating as designed, but no direct client support is offered for this service. UW-IT will not have administrative access to your server in any way and will not provide operating system patching or support of any kind. System support is available as a separate Consulting Service at an hourly rate.

To request changes to an existing SHS, email with "Hosted Server" in the subject line. Please provide the server name, as well as details about the requested change.


Last Review Date: 10/15/2018