Azure Subscription (Azure)

Service Description

Microsoft Windows Azure is a cloud platform that provides solutions and services such as virtual machines, database instances, storage, and more.

UW-IT's Self-Managed Azure Subscription service allows UW units, that wish to create and manage their own Azure subscription, to receive a discount (~10%) on Azure usage charges and to pay those with a UW budget.

Additionally, the service extends the UW's HIPAA BAA and associated enterprise contracts to cover these subscriptions.

Service Options

  • Migrate existing Azure subscription to the Enterprise Agreement
  • Setup new Azure subscription under the Enterprise Agreement


UW faculty; UW staff; UW researchers; UW clinicians; UW academic units; UW administrative units; UW affiliated organizations; UW Medical Center; Harborview Medical Center; Any group with approved UW Budget number.

How to Order

For new subscription, or to migrate existing subscriptions to the Enterprise agreement, Contact the UW-IT Service Center with "Azure Services" in the subject line.


Availability for Azure services is substantially dependent on Microsoft.  Specific information for each Azure service is available from Azure Service Level Agreements and the Azure Service Dashboard.


Prices for Azure services are set by Microsoft and are based on usage.  Estimates can be built using the Azure pricing calculator.

Service Level Description

Azure services are subject to Microsoft's service level agreements for Azure and may depend, in part, on the specific options and configurations in use.  See Azure Service Level Agreements.

Additional Information

Information on security, privacy, and compliance can be found in the Azure Trust Center.

Additional general information on Azure is available from the Azure Documentation Center.

Azure usage charges are billed monthly to UW budgets.  Usage charges for each subscription are available on request from UW-IT.  Usage statistics are available via Microsoft's Azure management portal.

This service is intended to for UW users who intend to employ a significant amount of Azure IaaS services on an ongoing monthly basis.  It is not intended to for users who expect to consume less than $150/month of Azure services.

To test Azure, we recommend using a 'free' Azure subscription available directly from Microsoft. See Microsoft Windows Azure and click "Try It Now".

Frequently Asked Questions

Support Information

For general questions, support is provided by the UW Information Technology Service Center.

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Email: with "Azure Services" in the subject line
Phone: 206-221-5000
Online: Send us a question
In-person: Walk-in locations

For technical issues, questions about Azure, etc. see Azure support options, the Azure Support FAQ or contact Microsoft via your Azure management portal.


Last Review Date: 7/1/2018