Router Room Co-location

Service Description

Data networking and telecom equipment co-location services are available through UW-IT managed and maintained router rooms on the UW Campus, The Westin and other various remote locations.
The router rooms on UW campus are for data networking and telecom gear only. Not intended to be server rooms, storage, or house other department's gear. The router rooms for UW Medicine are shared spaces and have other UW Medicine gear located in those spaces. UW-IT is responsible for the space, power, and cooling in all areas listed above with the exception of UW Medicine router rooms which they maintain.

Service Options

Standard features of the Router Room Co-location service include:

  • Rack Space
  • Power management
  • Cooling management
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Full or partial racks available


  • PNWGP and PNWGP customers
  • K20
  • UW Medicine
  • UW-IT
  • Select UW-IT Partners

How to Order

Email, attention DCSO


Routers rooms are available and monitored 24x7x365.


UW Campus router rooms are paid for by UW-IT. The Westin and remote locations have cost associated with them based on the needs of the customer.

Ask about these costs by emailing with "attention DCSO" in the body of the email.

Support Information

Email with "attention DCSO" in the body of the email.