Managed Firewall Service

Service Description

UW-IT offers centralized, managed network firewall service as a for-fee add-on to a campus department's wired network connection. A network-based firewall plays an important part in a multilevel, multilayer security strategy that should also include other elements such as backup, anti-virus software, host-based firewalls, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning.

Firewalls use rules to define what traffic may travel to and from your designated network subnet(s). An example of a common firewall rule is one that allows only traffic to port 80 and 443 on a web server, but blocks access to any other ports in order to help protect the server operating system from unauthorized access. A wide variety of rule options are available.


UW faculty; UW staff; UW researchers; UW academic units; UW administrative units

How to Order

Service details are contained in this catalog entry. When ready to order, first read and understand the policies and procedures listed under "UW-IT and Customer Responsibilities" below. Then fill in and submit the Request Form. You will be asked for details regarding your network, budget number, etc.


Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of upgrades, maintenance, and outages. Service is monitored 24x7 for interruptions and outage resolution.


There is a one-time installation fee of $657.12. There is no monthly recurring fee for this service.

*FY 2018 Rates are valid until October 1, 2018.

Service Level Description

Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of upgrades, maintenance, and outages. Service is monitored 24x7 for interruptions and outage resolution.

Additional Information

UW-IT and Customer Responsibilities

Customer’s acceptance of the Firewall Service constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the following:

UW-IT responsibilities:

  • Functionally integrate the centralized firewall appliance/utility into the UW Campus Wired Network.
  • Operate, maintain, upgrade, and monitor the firewall appliance/utility, 24x7 (excluding planned outages, maintenance windows, and unavoidable events).
  • Prepare and deploy firewall rules per the customer-defined functionality.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Designate up to two specific staff (name, title, contact information) who are authorized to define firewall rules and request changes (“Customer’s Authorized Firewall Contact(s)”). If staff roles/responsibilities change, it is Customer’s responsibility to update UW-IT as to the current authorized staff for firewall services. The authorized staff will:
    • Clearly define the desired function of the firewall rules.
    • Review UW-IT prepared rules and, once applied, confirm they are operating as expected.
  • Requests for firewall policy rule changes will only be accepted from Customer’s Authorized Firewall Contact(s). Firewall policy rule change requests should be submitted to A minimum of two business days advance notice is required for policy rule change requests to be reviewed.
  • Provide a 24x7 point of contact who will receive firewall service outages notifications, outage reports, and with whom UW-IT can coordinate emergency maintenance. This should include, but is not limited to, the designated authorized staff.
  • Report firewall related problems to
  • It may be the case that customer will or should deploy firewall services to comply with regulations, standards, and/or policies (e.g., security requirements associated with funding agencies or federal privacy regulations). Knowledge of regulations, standards, and/or policies that apply to customer, and compliance therewith, is customer’s sole responsibility. UW-IT will create rules to meet customer’s stated requirements. It is customer’s responsibility to assure that those rules and the resulting performance of the firewall service comply with any applicable regulations, standards, and/or policies by which customer must abide.

Support Information

To report service outages or if you have additional questions about this service, email or call 206-221-5000.


Last Review Date: 06/20/2015