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Linux Shell Environment

Service Description

Linux Shell Environment enables access to standard software applications and tools. Users can create accounts that give them access to clustered Linux servers that support various functions including:

  • Email
  • Programming and scripting
  • Interactive gateway to campus resources
  • User installed software

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Service Options

See Service Level Description for quota information.


UW faculty, UW staff, UW students


Linux shell services are available from any Internet connection. Services are set up with a clustered server environment so small system failures will not cause a service outage. System is not designed for quick recovery from a major disaster. Occasional downtime is scheduled for periodic upgrade of servers.


This service is included in the Technology Recharge Fee for faculty and staff and funded by the Student Technology Fee for students.

A basic storage level of 1 GB is provided for faculty, staff, students, and shared accounts.

Additional data storage for faculty and staff and shared accounts is available for a fee. To increase your storage limit, go to the Manage Your NetID Resources page at, where you can enter a budget number and set the amount. The rate is $0.35 per GB per month.

Price subject to change annually on July 1st.

(Rates are effective through August 31, 2017)

Service Level Description

Linux shell environment services are designed for continuous access with the exception of scheduled down times, hardware failure, and natural disasters. UW Information Technology responds to queries within 2 business days. Support is limited to ensuring centrally installed functions and software are operating. Data storage default for faculty, staff, and shared accounts is 1 GB. Additional space is available; see Price above. Data storage for students is fixed at 1 GB.

Additional Information

Introductory user information is provided at:

Mailing Lists for this service

Support Information

UW Information Technology Service Center
Front Desk: UW Tower C-3000 (4333 Brooklyn Ave. NE)
Online Help Form:
Phone: 206-221-5000
Business Hours:


Last Review Date: 08/18/2016