Service Description

Using this service can improve your password management practices by:

  • providing secure methods to store and share passwords with those that need them,
  • encouraging use and creation of long & complex passwords,
  • preventing password entry on spoofed websites,
  • automatically filling in passwords on websites,
  • making it easy to reset passwords across many web-based services, and
  • reporting on at-risk passwords like where you have used simple passwords, reused the same password in multiple places, and in some cases when your password may have been compromised


  • UW-IT staff are eligible to use it
  • Other IT staff at the UW are permitted to request eligibility
  • Managed Workstation customers are eligible to use it

How to Order

If you need to request eligibility, create a UW Groups group with the users you’d like to be eligible and send the groupid in a request to This group should be a dedicated group, i.e. its only purpose to track who is eligible for LastPass.

If you are eligible, please refer to to initiate creation of a LastPass account.


There is currently no billing for this service. The cost is $1.50/month/user, but billing is not yet in place.

Total cost for this service is a fixed cost, so the rate will change based on changes in eligible user numbers.

When billing is ready, sponsoring units will be contacted to provide budget information.

Service Level Description

Support for LastPass is available on a self-service basis through the LastPass Help Center,

The LastPass Help Center is easy to use and is fairly comprehensive; however, if you are unable to resolve an issue yourself, send a message to with details.

Invitations to create users happen within 60 minutes of an eligible user initiating the process.

There is a maximum 2 business day turnaround expected for your initial parent LastPass group. Thereafter, self-service UW Group changes flow to LastPass within 30 minutes.


Last Review Date: 07/26/2018