Husky OnNet

Service Description

Husky OnNet service provides secure remote access to the UW network so that current UW students, faculty, and staff can access campus resources.

Husky OnNet-Department service provides secure remote access to the UW network so that users authorized by the department can access appropriate campus and departmental resources.

Husky OnNet is powered by F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager. The user applications, available for Microsoft Windows and MacOS, are customized versions of the F5 BIG-IP Edge Clients.

Service Options

Husky OnNet: Standard service for secure access into the general UW network for current faculty, students, and staff.

Husky OnNet - Department (HON-D): The HON-D service supports secure end-user connections from both on- and off-campus locations to departmental network resources using a departmentally-controlled authorized users access list. The standard HON-D service supports up to 62 simultaneous connections for each of two departmental connection servers (department & UW traffic only or all Internet traffic) included in the service. (Departments wishing to allow access by their authorized users to departmental network resources that are behind a firewall will need to update their firewall policies to complete the service configuration.)


Standard Husky OnNet: Current UW faculty, staff and students.

Husky OnNet for sponsored UW NetIDs holders: requires authorization of the sponsored user by a current UW employee with a valid UW budget. Authorization is completed via the Assign Husky OnNet Services  portal.

Husky OnNet - Department (HON-D): UW departments/units that are directly connected to the UW Network.

UW Restricted Library Resources: only the standard Husky OnNet service allows access to restricted library resources. Neither HON-D or Husky OnNet for sponsored UW NetID holders may be used for this purpose. For more information see University Libraries Off-Campus Access.

UW Medicine & Clinical Departments - Neither Husky OnNet or Husky OnNet - Department should be used to access restricted UW Medicine resources. Users in UW Medicine & Clinical departments should visit for remote access to restricted UW Medicine resources; or email UW Medicine IT Services at for more information.

How to Order

Instructions for downloading Husky OnNet user applications for MacOS, Windows, and Linux via UWare are available at this Download and Use Husky OnNet page.

To order Husky OnNet - Department service, complete the Husky OnNet - Department Service Request form. The following information will be needed to complete the form:

  • Department/Unit Name
  • Technical Contact(s) Email
  • Preferred dept. acronym for naming your HON-D virtual servers.  Your users will then enter these server names to make their connection.

                         split tunnel service: <acronym>
                         not split tunnel service:<acronym>

  • Do you need to use your own DNS servers? If yes, please provide the IP address of each of the primary and secondary DSN servers.
  • UW Group for Authorized Access list
  • Do you require 2FA for logins? (Note restrictions apply; not all persons with UW NetIDs are eligible for, or enrolled in, the 2FA service.)
  • Does your Department use the UW-IT Managed Firewall service and would you like UW-IT to permit the associated HON-D lease pool?


This UW-IT service strives for 24 x 7 x 365 availability.


This standard service is provided to current UW faculty, students, and staff as part of the Technology Recharge Fee with no additional charges.

Sponsored UW NetID holders may be authorized to use HON by a current UW employee; authorization is completed through the Assign Husky OnNet Services portal. No charges will apply, however, UW budget information will be required to activate the authorization.

Husky OnNet - Department (HON-D) is currently provided via the the Technology Recharge Fee with no additional charges.

*FY 2019 Rates are valid until October 1, 2019.

Service Level Description

Apart from planned maintenance and outage windows, and unplanned outages beyond the control of UW-IT, the service will be available.

Support Information

If you have questions or problems accessing the application from UWare, please contact:
Phone: 206-221-5000