IVR/Call Center Solutions

Service Description

A call center may be used for responding to telephone inquiries about a particular product or service. Based on the technology and staffing employed, it is possible to route calls to individual staff based on volume or their expertise with a specific product or service. The set of tools includes a call management system and call recording for quality and training purposes. Examples of large and small call centers include: student support centers, IT helpdesks, language translation services, appointment scheduling for medical clinics, customer support centers, ticket sales, etc.

Service Options

The components of a call center may include at least one or all of the following options:

  • Call Menu and Announcements
  • Intelligent Routing by time of day or during weekends or holidays
  • Expert Agent - Distribution of calls based on staff expertise
  • Reporting/statistics - Using the Avaya Centervu call management system to deliver agent reports and call center responsiveness
  • Call Recording - Using the CXM Call Recording System to record calls  for quality and training purposes.

Other technologies include:

  • Enhanced Call Processing (ECP) - Primarily provides the ability to distribute callers to voicemail boxes based on a recorded menu list. ECP mailboxes can also be designed for other call processing functions if required.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - provides call routing based on pre-defined prompts and keeps statistics on call volumes. This service can also provide alternate call routing based on time-of-day or weekend and holiday schedules.
  • Customers may require Enhanced Call Processing (ECP) voice mail or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies to manage large volumes of calls or to provide informational recordings. These technologies are used by staff that may not have a personnel-based Call Center, but need to manage a large volume of calls effectively and efficiently.


UW faculty, UW staff, Harborview Medical Center, UW Physicians Network and Neighborhood Clinics, UW Medicine Neighborhood Clinics, Various off-campus locations in the Puget Sound area

How to Order

Email: help@uw.edu


Expert agent (skills-based call routing) is limited in its distribution based on your location and other factors. If you have questions concerning Expert Agent, please contact the UW Information Technology Service Center at 206-221-5000 or email help@uw.edu


The fees charged varies by number of staff and the number features deployed. Fees are based on the components used and they may not include equipment replacement.

Avaya Centervu Call Reporting System

  • On site reporting access: $42.15 per CMS Supervisor Client (monthly recurring charge)
  • Centervu Reports Emailed to Call Center Manager: $3.80 per agent (monthly recurring charge).

Call Center Agent login-ID

  • $3.80 per agent login-id (monthly recurring charge)
  • Telstrat Call Recording included

Telstrat Call Recording System (all prices include installation)

  • Standard Monitoring Option
    • $130.50/recorded extension (one time charge)
    • $3.80 per non-Call Center Agent User (monthly recurring charge)

Enhanced Call Processing (ECP) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • $3.80 per virtual telephone number (monthly recurring charge)

*FY 2018 Rates are valid until October 1, 2018.

Service Level Description

Although lead times may vary widely, a two-week lead time for requests for a small call center is required to set up the proper infrastructure. Avaya multi-button PBX service is required for the call center staff.

Enhanced Call Processing (ECP) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services vary widely, but 5-7 business days are typically required for setup.

Support Information

Support is provided by the UW Information Technology Service Center.

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Email: help@uw.edu
Phone: 206-221-5000
Online: Send us a question
In-person: Walk-in locations


Last Review Date: 04/25/2015