UWSDBDataStore Reorg on October 23, 2021

October 12, 2021

The student database (SDB) will go through a reorganization on October 23, 2021 which will cause changes in the Enterprise Data Warehouse database, UWSDBDataStore. These changes to the objects will be available in the UWSDBDataStore on October 25, 2021.
However, data on the new objects will be available as soon as the Data Custodians submit the security role definitions and the SIS team loads the data.

(last modified: 10.22.2021)

*Please continuously monitor this site for the most current update.

Old Columns to be deleted

Table Name Column Name
sdbdb01 g_sa_flag4
sa_sf_awards award_event_dt1


New columns to be added

Table Column DataType
sdbdb01 g_workday_fin bit
addresses text_message_ok bit
sa_sf_award_awards tara_last_elig_dt datetime
sr_adm_appl interest_in_other bit
sr_adm_appl_guardian_data guardian_email char(50)
student_2 rn_ferpa_year smallint
rn_ferpa_qtr tinyint
sys_tbl_33_home_addr_by_code home_addr_st_ter char(24)
sys_tbl_39_calendar tacoma_ymca_chrg decimal(10,0)
sys_tbl_72_appl_status appl_stat_long_ds char(120)


New Tables to be Added

Table Column Name Datatype
sa_aid_disb_trans system_key int
sa_aid_fund_info smallint
sa_aid_tran_dt datetime
sa_aid_year tinyint
sa_aid_qtr tinyint
sa_aid_disb_amt decimal(9,2)
sa_tara_funding system_key int
sa_tara_fund_no smallint
sa_tara_seq_no smallint
sa_tara_date datetime
sa_tara_aid_yr smallint
sa_tara_qtr tinyint
sa_tara_status bit
sa_tara_ex_amt decimal(9,2)
sa_tara_src_tag1 char(10)
sa_tara_src_tag2 char(10)
sa_tara_src_tag3 char(10)
sa_tara_spare_1 char(10)
sa_tara_spare_2 char(10)
sa_tara_spare_3 int
sa_tara_spare_4 int
sr_raw_transfer system_key int
sr_raw_inst_cd smallint
sr_raw_year char(6)
sr_raw_term char(1)
sr_raw_curric char(6)
sr_raw_crs_no char(4)
sr_raw_dup_crs tinyint
sr_raw_crs_ttl char(24)
sr_raw_credits decimal(3, 1)
sr_raw_grade char(2)
sr_raw_qual char(2)
sr_raw_ta_group smallint
sr_raw_eval char(1)
sr_raw_pend_group smallint
sr_raw_pend_eval char(1)
sr_raw_ta_dt datetime
sr_raw_updt_dt datetime
sr_raw_updt_id char(12)
sr_raw_spare_1 char(10)
sr_raw_spare_2 char(10)
sr_raw_spare_3 int
sr_raw_spare_4 int