UW Event Registration Application Release: Bug Fix and Updates

December 28, 2021

Update (1/5/2022): UW Event Registration Application updates are now in production.

Change Summary:

  • Bug fixed in the log out flow that was introduced by a recent browser security update. You will now see a browser pop up message when you log out. 
  • Migrated from UW Services Certificate Authority (UWCA) to the Incommon Certificate Authority as part of a larger plan to standardize all EWS services to use Incommon. Learn more about these UW-IT offered services here: https://wiki.cac.washington.edu/display/infra/UW+Certificate+Services
  • Maintenance upgrade of Node.js Javascript runtime environment

We do not expect any customer impact. We will monitor and respond to this communication if we identify any impacts during deployment.

Learn more:

The UW Event Registration application automatically turns UW’s Husky Card swipes, taps, and NetIDs into a group of participants you can view, capture, download, export and email. This application is in Beta and we’re seeking new users.

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For questions about this release or getting started with UW Event Registration, please contact us at uw-event-support@uw.edu.