RPG Release: Updated Departmental GPA calculation on several reports

February 4, 2022

Based on this user feedback, the Report Prioritization Group released several important and timely updates to the BI Portal reports:

In this news story, we provide a summary of the changes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write help@uw.edu and put “BI Portal Report Question: Departmental GPA” in the subject line.

Change Summary

This release includes 2 major updates:

  1. Major Departmental GPA logic has been updated in the following reports. Before the fix, three reports were inconsistently displaying the correct Departmental GPA for a given major:
    1. Student Grade Report by Course
    2. Student Grade Report by Major 
    3. Student Degree Information
  2. Major Departmental GPA was added to the other two reports:

    1. Undergraduates Eligible to Register.
    2. Current Student Information

This new field can be accessed from the ‘Columns to Display’ drop-down filter:

Once the Departmental GPA column is selected from the list of filter values, the report will display the Departmental GPA for each Major:

  • Major Departmental GPA is generated from transcript courses taken and is sourced from the previous quarters for each student. Only courses taken that are in the same department as the student’s major are counted; e.g., all GEOG courses for a GEOG major, or for a History major all courses offered by the History department (even though History has multiple curriculum abbreviations).

Questions and Feedback:

This report references important institutional concepts like “Major Departmental GPA”,  and many others. If you have questions about the meaning of these or any other terms, please explore the links or find more detail in the Knowledge Navigator.

As always, if you have any questions, please write help@uw.edu and put “BI Portal Report Question: Departmental GPA” in the subject line.