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RPG Release: Now Identify “Audits” and “Registrar Drop” in Student Grade Reports

December 21, 2020

In response to user feedback, the Report Prioritization Group just released enhancements to two BI Portal reports:

This release is timed to help advisers and faculty support Autumn 2020 grading.

Change Summary:

This release is intended to help users identify or filter in/out students who either took a course as an auditor or were granted an RD (registrar drop). We made the following changes:

  • Added “RD” to the course grade filter and grade column
  • Added “AUD” as a course grade filter and grade column

In the previous report versions, students who audited were not identified in the report’s grade column. Instead, since they didn’t receive a grade, the course grade column displayed blank. To report users, this looked a lot like a missing grade, so we updated the report to display “AUD” instead of blank to distinguish “audit blanks” from “missing grade blanks”.

In Spring 2020, the Office of the University Registrar introduced “Registrar Drop” to replace “HW”, “W” and “W3-W7”. The RD notation began in Spring 2020 for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. We updated the report so that you can now identify students that receive an RD grade. You can filter on RD in the course grade filter, and view RD in the course grade column. Please note, RD only applies to data beginning Spring 2020. If you filter on RD for older quarters, the report will return no data.

Questions and Feedback:

This report references many UW institutional concepts, including Registrar Drop  and Course Grade. To get detailed definitions for these and other terms, please check out Knowledge Navigator!

As always, if you have any questions or if you would like to provide feedback, please write and put “RPG: Student Grade Reports” in the subject line.