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RPG Release: New Current Student Information Report in BI Portal

The Report Prioritization Group released a new report to the BI Portal, Current Student Information. This report consolidates two previous reports: Current Student Information by Major and Current Student Information by Minor. Remember to update your bookmarks to point to the new report location.

Report Summary:

This report displays a population of students that have enrolled in courses during the current quarter based on the selected major or minor. This report has a couple of key features:

  • Consolidation: You no longer have to access two separate reports to get information on current students by major and minor. The report now features a single filter that allows you to filter by the Major or Minor of interest in a single report!
  • Updated Timing: Based on user feedback, we also updated the logic for identifying the “current quarter” during the academic break periods between quarters.
    • In the old reports, during an academic break, the report looked at the quarter that had just completed. For instance, during summer break, users complained that there was a period before the start of Autumn quarter where the report was not usable because it displayed only information about the previous (completed) quarter.
    • In the new report, one day after a quarter ends, the report looks forward to the next quarter’s enrollment information. For instance, during Summer break, the report displays Autumn quarter enrollment information. We reviewed this change with many users, and all agreed that this was an improvement over the old reports.

What About the Old Reports?

We will continue to host the Current Student Information by Major and Current Student Information by Minor reports in the BI Portal for the time being while we migrate users over to the new report. However, in the coming weeks we will archive the old reports and will only support the new consolidated Current Student Information report.

Please remember to update your bookmarks and BI Portal favorites to point to the new report location!


This report references important institutional concepts like “Current Student”, “URM“, and many others. If you have questions about the meaning of this or any other term, please explore the links or find more detail in the Knowledge Navigator.

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “New BI Portal Report Question: Current Student Information” in the subject line.