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RPG Release: Current Student Information – Population and Filter Updates

Based on this user feedback, the Report Prioritization Group released several important and timely updates to the BI Portal report Current Student Information.

Change Summary:

This release includes 3 important changes to the Current Student Information Report:

  1. “Current Student” Population:
    • The report population in the previous version of the report included registered students as well as new confirmed applicants. Based on feedback from users we determined that these new confirmed applicants did not meet the criteria for “Current Students”.
    • We updated the report population to only include students with registration records for the user-selected quarter. The only students with registrations that are excluded are those with “Unknown Enrollment Status” (i.e. Enroll status = 0)
  2. New Filters:
    1. Quarter:
      • In the previous version of the report, the report population advanced to the next quarter during academic breaks.
      • In the new version, the Quarter filter allows users to choose the current quarter, or upcoming quarters.
      • For instance, during Spring 2020, users can select Spring, Summer, or Autumn 2020 . During a break period, you can choose from the current quarter, or the upcoming quarter.
    2. Enrollment Status:
      • In researching this update, we heard disagreement about whether to include or exclude students with enrollment statuses other than Registered (e.g. students that withdrew at some point before or during the quarter).
      • Rather than enforce a rule that people didn’t agree on, we decided to allow users the flexibility to decide if they need to see Withdrawn students.
  3. New Columns:
    1. ASUW:
      • By request, we added a field to the report to identify if a student is a member of ASUW and is eligible to vote in student elections.
      • The field displays a Y or N based on the student’s student_1 record.
    2. Minor Dates:
      • We added the Minor Date 1, 2, and 3 fields to the reports. These fields represent the date the student “declared” the Minor. These fields are included in the “Default” selection in the Columns to Display filter.
      • These fields were a part of the the previous Current Students Information by Minor report, but were not available on the new report, so we added them by user request.

A Reminder:

  • Consolidation: You no longer have to access two separate reports to get information on current students by major and minor. The report now features a single filter that allows you to filter by the Major or Minor of interest in a single report!
    • In the coming weeks we will archive the existing Current Student by Major and Minor Reports. Please update your bookmarks!

Questions and Feedback:

This report references important institutional concepts like “Current Student”, “URM“, and many others. If you have questions about the meaning of these or any other term, please explore the links or find more detail in the Knowledge Navigator.

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “BI Portal Report Question: Current Student Information” in the subject line.