Knowledge Navigator: Summer Quarter 2022 Metadata Update

October 4, 2022

UW Metadata Manager, Keith A. Van Eaton, from Information Management’s Enterprise Reporting & Analytics team, has added or updated metadata objects in Knowledge Navigator.

In their ongoing partnership, the UW’s data domain stewards, subject matter experts, and metadata manager ensure metadata objects are vetted and approved so that UW data users have a common understanding around UW data.

New terms added

New structured objects or reports added

UW Metadata Objects 

The Tableau visualization below shows, over time, all objects brought into Knowledge Navigator. Hover over any graphic element to get more info.

UW Metadata Objects Visualization

UW Metadata Engagement

The Tableau visualization below shows, over time, the Subject Matter Expert who drafted a business definition and the Data Steward who approved the definition for any given data. Hover over any graphic element to get more information.

UW Metadata Engagement Visualization

To access these links from an off-site location, please do one of the following:

  • Remote into your work computer.
  • Use the F5/Big VPN (not UW MWS VPN) with your personal computer.

Knowledge Navigator is the UW’s metadata repository which contains information about the following collections and object types:

  • Glossaries of business terms
  • Database tables and columns
  • Web Service resources and fields
  • Cube dimensions and measures
  • Enterprise reports and dashboards

Terms and objects are updated regularly. To learn more about Knowledge Navigator, where terms come from, and how they get included in Knowledge Navigator, visit the information page at

If you’d like a demo of Knowledge navigator for your department, or if you have questions, please contact with “Knowledge Navigator” in the subject line.