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IdCardWS Release: New Response Codes added to Card Endpoint

September 27, 2021

Update (10/20/2021): IdCardWS updates to add new Response Codes are now in production.

We are introducing new response codes to the Card Endpoint in IDCardWS. The following is an overview of these changes:

Response Code Description Notes
403 Forbidden ID Card is not eligible for requested use
400 Bad Request Request contains unrecognized characters

For more detailed information, please see the IdCardWS Card Resource Documentation.
When released to Production, these changes will be reflected in the IDCardWS Swagger documentation

Opportunity to Evaluate:
These changes are in the IdCardWS EVAL environment and available for you to test. Please go to the IdCardWS Environments page for instructions on connecting to this environment. We are scheduled to release these new Response Code changes into Production during the week of Oct 18, 2021. 

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